Saturday, February 02, 2008

Zonie pics

I did a bad, bad, bad, bad job of taking photos while I was in Arizona. I was too busy watching my back, if you know what I mean. (Ever watch COPS?)

Here we are, all set to go to the airport. I even jazzed up my mullet with some hair jizz.

I had to veto Talula's favorite accessory. She just doesn't get it. Yes, it's red. Yes, it fits around your neck. No, you can't wear it out in public.

Once we got in to Phoenix, it was time to celebrate New Year's Eve. Talula had to put on her winter snow princess party dress.

Here's Joey with his Mommy. He grew up in this house.

The next morning, we opened all the gifts they had saved for us. Tania was extremely bored.

(In case you didn't get that, I was joking.) Now how about this adorable wooden truck with animals in it? This is what you get when you have amazing in-laws, and you ask them not to get your toddler anything made in China. They go to a craft fair and pick out something totally unique and amazing and locally made. Love those guys.

We went to Sedona one day. This was a building where the psychics play. I really wanted to get my reading done, but $50 ain't cheap.

This is one of the cool uh, whatever those mountainy deserty hilly red things are.

We went to this little village and looked at all the cool stores.

Joey and Tania. Can you tell that Tania is deathly ill in this photo?

We went to a local brewery and had some beer and food. Of course.

I accidentally cut Talula out of the picture, so here she is, coloring.

That's pretty much it for photos. It doesn't really show all that we did, but oh well. We had fun.