Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I had to share this even though.

Even though I already posted today, that is.

Skip to My Lu, My Dahling.

I only have photos of Lu, because Tania has been Captaine Sociale lately. She has also taken to forbidding picture-taking lately. She even called me the paparazzi. She just wants to be left alone and have a normal life. Why am I so intrigued by her private life, she wants to know? She threatened to file a lawsuit for an injunction against all future photo use. I'll keep you updated.

Lu is still into working the paparazzi to further her career.

She's really obsessed with Daddy lately. She totally hates me. I think she's been watching too much Family Guy.

Okay, watch closely, or you'll miss it.

Did you see that? No, you probably missed it. I think I've mentioned before that we're part ninja. We move too quickly for cameras. We're also part pirate. We like to take things from people.

Here, you can't see anything. That's because there's camouflage. Have you ever seen a truck or something painted in camouflage? No! You haven't! Because it's camouflage. So you can't see my wrap here, or Lu hiding underneath it, but trust me, they're both there.

See? There she is.

I look away for two seconds, and my little ninja has finished the dishes and is starting the dishwasher. What a peach.

After I took this photo, I ate her. I couldn't help it. Nobody should be that cute.

Luckily, she came back to life, albeit as a stuffy-nosed screaming zombie who keeps threatening to eat our brains (apparently, she can smell them), but we're thankful.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Wow, a year ago we barbecued babies!

Or, at least that's what people thought we'd be doing when they got invitations to a Baby Barbecue. Boy were they disappointed when they came over and found out what we were really doing.

We painted faces.

Made mischief.

Caught fishies.

Did slip n' slide.

Tie-dyed and painted baby onesies.

Waddled around.

Smiled a lot.

And opened presents.

It was a good day.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

I think I ate too much cheese last night

But that doesn't have anything to do with this post. Oooh, my stomach hurts.

Anyway, is my baby cute or what!? Da-da picked her a flower and put it behind her ear. Why does everyone think she's a boy? She totally looks like a girl.

This man is pretty damn handsome. I think I'll take him home with me. As if he'd ever be interested in little old me. A girl can dream, can't she?

We went to Sellwood Park the other day just to hang out and be outside. It was a lovely day. We played cards and did the crossword puzzle. Tania read to Lu, and Lu played with her toys.

Of course, playing the drums is lots of fun.

But whacking Daddy on the butt is even more fun.

And we ate some watermelon. I believe it was Lu's first taste of the glorious fruit.

Tania loves watermelon more than she loves life. I told her that if she loved watermelon so much, maybe she should marry a watermelon. She gave me this look.

(Oh, and a little note to self: Next time, buy the watermelon that has seeds! That way, you can tell your kids that if they swallow a seed, a watermelon patch will grow in their stomachs.)

Here's some more of what Lu has been up to:

Lu: Kitty. Sitting there so smug. I'll teach you a lesson, you wretched kitty. Always taunting me with your furriness, never letting me pet you. If I. Could just. If only. Oh, I'll get you, you kitty.

Kitty: Does that foolish creature actually think I can't see her? I'll let her get a little closer, just so that it crushes her that much more when I scurry away to safety. *chuckle, chuckle*

Lu: Crap! I've been spotted! I'll get you anyway!

Kitty: Ha, ha! You think you're quick enough, short stuff?

Lu: Doh! Foiled again! Perhaps I can corner her!

Kitty: You fool! Don't you know I'm a ninja-cat? I'm quick, like the wind!

Lu: I've almost got you, you feline trouble-maker!

Kitty: Almost got me, indeed! Do I look worried to you?

Lu: I'll get you next time, Kitty. But I think I've just found the way to escape from this hellhole.

Kitty: You'll have to become quicker than that if you're ever to have any hope of catching me. I hardly broke a sweat evading your grasp.

We picked this magnificent rose yesterday. It smells like heaven. Lu is in love with it, and spends a few minutes at a time waving at it.

Yesterday, Joey and Tania made an epic breakfast. It was de-effin-licious.

And that's pretty much it for the past few days. Life is pretty boring when you have sick kids. I almost got sick too, but I drank orange juice with echinacea all day long and it seems to have passed. Joey was not so lucky. Neither was Tania.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Business Candice thanks you for your time

She also carries a briefcase with nothing in it but paper. She also finds your work fascinating. And her one weakness is that she's a workaholic. She just cannot rest until the job is completed. Will you hire Business Candice? We shall see if Business Candice is hireable.

Tania has been reading the Little House on the Prairie series, and Frontier House. She decided that she wants to be a pioneer, so she built a covered wagon.

And she set off west to squat on some land for five years so that she can one day own it.

We'll miss her. Oh, oops! She lost some cargo. The stick goes in the tire spokes to act as a brake.

Wait a minute, do you notice anything strange here?

It's a stowaway!

Lu's just been eating paper without her pants on lately, you know, the usual.

And by the way, our kitty is a total princess. She prefers to lounge on people. Laps are not good enough. They must bend down to show their reverence for her while she lounges on their shoulders.

Or, on clean laundry.

Good day, sir.

Friday, May 11, 2007

I like eating tuna-noodle casserole very much.

I can't believe the weather has been so nice. It's been all sunshine and lemonade. We've been all about picnics. And making fashion statements. Like the statement: 1985 was the best year EVER, and The Human League RULEZ!!!

We saw our friends at the park one day. Here Tania is instructing the babies about when the revolution will take place. I don't know, something about corn and children no parents. I wasn't paying attention.

Here, she's leaning in really close and I could barely make out what she was saying. The only phrase I can be sure that I heard was "machetes are under the bed." Oh well.

Lu's favorite toys of late are kitchen dishes and utensils. We have to bring them everywhere.

Yesterday, we went to a place called Keana's Candyland. It's a house that is completely decorated like a gingerbread house and they sell candy and toys and baked goods there. They also serve breakfast and lunch. We had cheeseburgers. I should have taken better and more pictures, but Lu was really a handful, so I didn't get to. But here are a few of the girls sitting at our table. You can see parts of an elaborate mural in the background.

Afterward, we went and hung out at Laurelhurst Park. It was really sunny, sunscreen-worthy.

Well, it turned out that Lu was cranky for a reason. She's really sick. We were up all night, and she's really not herself today. Please keep her in your thoughts. She's really miserable.

I'm making tuna-noodle casserole for dinner. Yum.