Sunday, January 27, 2008


Yay! We woke up this morning and it was totally snowing. The snow continued pretty much all day! Here are some photos.

I love this photo of Tania. She looks so pretty.

Little Lu had so much fun. She cried when we had to go inside, but passed out for three hours afterward.

I love this one of my girls' butts and hoods.

Look at this chief, holding out strong all winter.

This is right around when the tiredness kicked in.

Tania figured out that a ladle is the ultimate snowball maker.

Here's a photo of our driveway, looking out toward the street.

Here are some photos of our house, coming in from the driveway. You can see the snowflakes falling!

This is the view down the hill into the town.

Our backyard.

We stopped at the vineyard to make sure everything was all G. How gorgeous is this sight?

The chickens were doing fine.

This is the view across the river.

This photo is for my dad. It's the new road, from tasting room to hangout area.

The vines looked gorgeous covered in snow, with the sunset in the background.

We stopped at the community center to sled down the hill. That's our friend, Wayne, pushing Tania.

A gorgeous photo of Joey and Lu with the sunset in the background.

Joey sliding down the hill.

Wayne pulling Tania down the hill while Joey looks on.

Tania, Joey, and Wayne running and sliding down the hill.

Snow angels.

Joey and Tania standing on the hill.

And now Lu is screaming at me. Gotta go.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

January update

I thought I'd do a little update, since January is almost over and I have yet to post. I am too lazy to upload any photos right now, but here's the update:

1. We went to Phoenix on New Year's Eve and stayed for a week to hang out with Joey's family. I don't want to talk shit, but duuuuude...Phoenix is a hellhole. I knew what I was in for, since every third episode of COPS is shot in Phoenix, but still. Every time a car drove by, I thought I was going to get shot. Joey's family, on the other hand, is lovely. We had Christmas, Part II, the day after we got there. Gifties galore. We also went to Sedona, which is beautiful, and totally made up for Phoenix's assiness.

2. Then we got sick. Tania got sick the day after we got to Phoenix. I thought the rest of us were in the clear, but on the airplane ride home, Tania and Talula both started vomiting all over me. Best airplane ride ever. Then, about a week after we got home, I got the sickness. Horrible.

3. I am now studying for the February Oregon Bar Exam. It is taking up about 6-9 hours of my life per day. I love that I'm cramming all this stuff into my brain that I will never use in actual practice, or that I can look up in a matter of seconds. But, whatevs.

4. I started jogging again, and my leg muscles are angry about it.

5. It's wicked cold here. Snowing, as we speak.

6. I'm turning 30 in two weeks.

7. My baby is cute, as will be evidenced later with photos.

8. My 8-year-old is almost 9, but acts like a 14-year-old.

9. Brrr.

10. I'm so sad that Heath Ledger is dead, and so irritated with those dumb Phelps people who are going to picket his funeral. FYI, they're picketing it because he played a gay character in Brokeback Mountain. How effed up are you if your entire religion is based around gayness? They only picket things that are related to gayness. Not, um, murder, or adultery, or any other "sin". It's suspicious.

That is all for now.