Tuesday, January 16, 2007

SNOW, SNOW, and more SNOW!!!

Holy crap! I woke up this morning, and as I was pouring my cup of coffee, I looked out the window and saw...

No, Mom, I did not drive your truck today.

Joey had gone to school early in the morning and the girls were still asleep. Holly and I went outside to investigate the scene. Our street looked like this on one side:

And this on the other side:

Holly was intrigued, yet cautious.

When I went inside the house, she refused to come with me. Later, I heard her meowing from underneath the truck, and I had to brave the flakes and rescue her.

I couldn't resist it any longer. I had to wake up Tania. She was a true soldier and immediately put on her snow gear.

At that very moment, Joey walked in through the door. School was canceled! Although he had been traveling by bus for three-and-a-half hours, he was finally home! We decided to go to the park, even though none of us had even eaten breakfast! (Well, Lu had.)

Boy, were we clever. We thought, "Oh my, why don't we go and slide down the huge hill at Brooklyn Park?" (My mom bought Tania the sled.) What an original idea!

But, oh my gosh, how much fun Tania had!

She played with her friend, R., and we went to True Brew and got coffee and hot chocolates.

What was Lu doing the whole time? Sleeping. (I don't know why I look so puffy and bloated.)

And that was our ultimate snow day.

Aside from that, we had our lovely and wonderful friend, E., come to visit us this glorious MLK, Jr. weekend. She and Tania went ice skating. Tania had to show E. the moves she's learned in her lessons.

Wow, other than snow and E. visiting us, I don't know what else to report. Poor Tania had to miss her beloved soccer today because we couldn't drive. Ummm...here is one other cute photo I can't resist putting up:

Tania had to show her who all the cool kids are.

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