Sunday, January 27, 2008


Yay! We woke up this morning and it was totally snowing. The snow continued pretty much all day! Here are some photos.

I love this photo of Tania. She looks so pretty.

Little Lu had so much fun. She cried when we had to go inside, but passed out for three hours afterward.

I love this one of my girls' butts and hoods.

Look at this chief, holding out strong all winter.

This is right around when the tiredness kicked in.

Tania figured out that a ladle is the ultimate snowball maker.

Here's a photo of our driveway, looking out toward the street.

Here are some photos of our house, coming in from the driveway. You can see the snowflakes falling!

This is the view down the hill into the town.

Our backyard.

We stopped at the vineyard to make sure everything was all G. How gorgeous is this sight?

The chickens were doing fine.

This is the view across the river.

This photo is for my dad. It's the new road, from tasting room to hangout area.

The vines looked gorgeous covered in snow, with the sunset in the background.

We stopped at the community center to sled down the hill. That's our friend, Wayne, pushing Tania.

A gorgeous photo of Joey and Lu with the sunset in the background.

Joey sliding down the hill.

Wayne pulling Tania down the hill while Joey looks on.

Tania, Joey, and Wayne running and sliding down the hill.

Snow angels.

Joey and Tania standing on the hill.

And now Lu is screaming at me. Gotta go.


Laura said...

Those pictures are amazing! I especially like the sunset ones and the one across the river. The subtle tones that appear in the snow are so pretty. Your girls are pretty, too!

Lee said...

Wonderful photos. Don't you just love it how kids this age insist on taking off their gloves and letting their hands freeze?

Sarah said...

Love the pics! I especially love the one where Joey and Lulu are standing there with the sunset. The way the fence post is located at first glance it looks like its a cane. I was like "Damn, he's aging fast" but I took a closer look.

Linda said...

So pretty! So fun! I'm jealous. I want desperately to move somewhere that it snows in the winter.