Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Tie-Dye Baby Barbecue

Well, this really has nothing to do with homeschooling, but we had an awesome barbecue this weekend for our baby. It was a baby shower, of sorts, except that we didn't play those awful baby shower games. Instead, we tie-dyed and painted baby onesies. This picture shows what a great job everyone did. There were a bunch of kids getting into, but the grown-ups had just as much fun. I think I did two or three of them. Tania did two or three too. When we finished up the onesies, we went into the house to search for other things to dye. We dyed a couple of my shirts, some of Joey's, and some of Tania's. We were so addicted. We couldn't stop. Tie-dyeing is the best! Some of the kids painted onesies too, but once they tried tie-dye, there was no going back. Of course, Tania made some of the best ones. She has a knack for it, I guess. The girl is artistic.

We also barbecued a bunch of food, and everyone ate and drank and had a great time. The kids played down by the dock, catching fish and swinging on the rope. It was such a great day. I hope to do this type of thing every time I'm pregnant.


Christina said...

Hi, I found your blog through the mothering forums. What a great idea for a baby shower!! They are so cute!!

Candice said...


YourSimplerLife said...

Really the only thing you can do is baby shower games, right?