Saturday, June 03, 2006

Countdown: Three-and-a-Half Days!

School gets out this Thursday, a half-day. Yippee! I am so sick of that place! I may write a letter to the principal to lay out all the problems I have with that place.

On Thursday, I went to Tania's class to help out with their class party. When I saw that her desk was way in the back corner of the room, separated from the rest of the class, I asked her why it was so far away. She said, "I talk too much." Now, normally, kids who "talk too much" get seated in the front of the room. But Tania's teacher has too many of those. Tania is the only one who can get her work done independently, so she gets to sit in the back.

My heart is seriously broken for my little girl. I had flashbacks of my own school experience. I would finish my work and be bored, so I would talk to my friends who weren't finished yet. I always got in trouble for it. After a while, I started believing that I was a bad kid, and when I got older I acted on those beliefs. Joey was the same way when he was in school. We both had a really hard time because we were bored to death. Then, we went on to fulfill those self-beliefs about being bad kids. I will not let this happen to Tania.

I also think that there is a problem going on in the schools right now where kids like Tania who are at the top of her class are being ignored. Teachers are being forced to focus on the students not meeting the No Child Left Behind standards. On one hand, good for those kids who are finally getting attention. On the other hand, pulling Tania out seems more urgent than ever if I want to give her the education she deserves.

Well, I am ready! So is she. Yippee!


Kulia said...

Oh I feel for her too, I remember that awful feeling of not being respected for my mind as a child - rather treated like an annoyance.

I'm sure you are going to be the best teacher she's ever loved!

Candice said...