Sunday, July 30, 2006

A Little View of Tania's World

She looks so much older than 7, but she really is very much a child. She really is still interested in serious play. I still hear her in her room talking to her dolls. I'm seeing lately that she really is not ready for school-type learning.

So what we have in this picture is a restaurant that she has created. See the little pillow? That's the roof to the entrance. That little box near it is a piece from her dollhouse that is now a hostess stand. A bottle of nail polish is the hostess. She sits on one of the dollhouse chairs. To Tania's right, she has put down a Judy Moody book and The Twits as the dining area floor. You can barely see it, but a set of paints serves as cafeteria seating, and there are two tables that some finger puppets are sitting at. That little green guy by her leg is the waiter. Behind her is a tray of food. The beads in front of her are being made into various food dishes.

See that guitar in the picture? It used to be a pink Barbie guitar. I walked outside the other day and Tania was in the process of painting it red. You see, "Pink is not very rock n' roll."

Tania has also created an entire area that replicates the baby area that I have for Talula. She has this little day bed in her play area of the living room. Today, I walked out there and Tania was in the bed pretending to sleep next to her baby. Talula sleeps right up next to me, so Tania was copying me. She even had a little nightstand with a fan, a journal, a pen, and some books, just like mine. She has taken the little clothes that Talula has grown out of and started using them for her babies.

Other than that, Tania has been going to the beach, to the pool, hiking, and to see the horses. Today, we are going to a bridal shower.

Life is busy. I'm not sure what things she is learning lately, but our home is peaceful at the moment and Tania is happy.

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