Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Not up to Much Lately!

It's just too...summery...to do any sort of schooley-stuff lately. Yesterday we walked to the library to check out some books that correlate with Tania's history lessons. We are studying ancient times right now, so we got books about ancient Greece, Egypt, Africa (yes, I know that Egypt is in Africa, but they have separate histories), India, and Israel. I couldn't find any about Mesopotamia, which I found strange because civilization started there. I'll look harder next time. Tania checked out some books that personally appealed to her as well.

Joey carried Talula in a sling and she slept the entire walk over there and until I had finished selecting books. I just had to take her outside, boob her, change her diaper, and put her back in the sling. (I carried her home.) They sure make cloth diapering easy for being on-the-go nowadays. We have gotten to a point where we only use Fuzzi Bunz. I just don't have it in me to learn how to use prefolds and all the various covers. Well, you just bring a little waterproof diaper bag and throw the dirty one in there and you're good to go. We bring the Ziploc of our cloth wipes with the special potion (water, pure aloe gel, lavender oil, and tea tree oil). It's no harder than dealing with disposables.

Well, we have also have had guests in town since July 6th, and they will stay until the 27th. They are friends of my parents and they brought a little friend for Tania to play with - an eleven-year-old girl. Tania adores her and they pretend they are spies or play on the slip-n-slide most of the day. They like to spy on Joey. They put on disguises and carry newspapers with eyeholes in front of their faces. Today, they took Tania with them to the beach. So she has been having a blast.

Joey went to pick up his friends from the airport today. They will be staying for a week. So we have a full house. It's fun though. Tania loves having a lot of people around. She'll play herself to death, though, if we don't stop her.


Kulia said...

has Tania named her twins?

And what type of sling is this one?

Candice said...

Their names are Mary and Taylor. :) She made necklaces that have their names on them.

The sling was sent to me by a friend. The tag says "Baby Cuddler Products." It is very comfortable.

Kulia said...

I knew such a creative little girl would have named her twins! What fun!

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