Thursday, September 07, 2006

Goodbye, Hawaii!!!

Well, today is moving day. We leave in a couple of hours to go to Portland, Oregon. We've just spent the last week or so having all the Hawaii fun we can manage. We stayed out at the Turtle Bay Hilton in Kahuku last weekend. It's so friggin' expensive now. But they have a pool with a slide, so for Tania it was worth it. We 've been attending various barbecues, one at a friend's house in Hauula, one at Waimanalo beach. We had a barbecue here at my parents house. We've been swimming at the Kaneohe Yacht Club quite a bit. We just wanted to do all we could do with water, sun, and friends.

Seeing Tania say goodbye to her best friend was heartbreaking. It sort of made me feel more gung-ho about getting our plane tickets to come visit. I hope to come back in April.

Well, if anyone is reading this, wish us luck!


Louise said...

Yup, good luck with it all xxxx

-Heidi said...

Hope your move went great! I'm from the DDC on mdc. lol was wondering where you are.. hoping all is well!