Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Look who her favorite student is...

I usually let Tania watch Talula while I make us breakfast. This is the scene that I saw when I went to check on them. Tania is teaching a class. She told me that Talula is her best student. She said that she's way ahead of the rest of the class. Well, I would hope that she's ahead of a pink dog, a bear, and a plastic baby!

Anyway, my parents are back in town now. My mom got to meet Talula for the first time. Moms can be very...interesting...when it comes to their grandchildren. They think they know everything. That's all I'll say.

We walked to the beach yesterday and Tania got a ton of much-needed attention. She has learned to share her mom, but she has not even considered that she might have to share her grandma.

Today, Tania is out with my mom shopping and having lunch. Talula and I are just hangin' out. She's smiling a lot more lately and is just getting to be a really happy little girl. When Tania gets back, we're going to get me a haircut. It will be my first since December. It's so ratty and gross. I can't wait to get something cute.

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