Sunday, October 28, 2007

October doings

We've had no internets and a broken camera, and this makes Lu very upset.

But we've been doing all the fun things that you do in Fall. We picked apples. It was just Lu and me, because picking apples is "boring" and "lame."

But they're also delicious.

Since our neighbors have an apple orchard, we got to load up for free. See how greedy we were? I even filled the back pocket of that stroller.

We made a friend on the way home, some apple beggar.

We also had a grape harvest. These are Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.

Here are Joey an Tania, driving the ATV. They pick up full buckets from the pickers, dump the buckets into half-ton bins, and return the empty buckets to the pickers. Driving the ATV is "cool" and "awesome."

I totally caught this gal slacking on the job.

We also have been harvesting our vegetables, but our dumb tomatoes took forever to ripen.

Then we had a harvest party in the barn. The world's cutest cats were there.

I'm supposed to be Rosie the Riveter, but I look a lot like Dr. Evil and Mini Me when they went to prison.

Some other costumes. That's my mom in the blue wig.

Joey is the girl on the right.

We had a hobo fire can.

And danced the Two-Step.

And danced to Thriller.

We went on a hay ride at the pumpkin patch.

And that's October, the best month of the year. We still have Halloween. It's not over yet. Sniffle.


angstmonkey said...

Looks like fun.......... oh and tell Joey that there is only room in this state for ONE hot Joi and that would be me thankyouverymuch.

angstmonkey said...

I meant hot GIRL Joi....... your Joey is the hot BOY Joey...... just wanted to clear that up.... not that I think your Joey is hot......he is..... in a total my brither Joey is hot kind of way.....shutting up now

Candice said...

He was a hideous girl, not like the skirt-wearing Joi at all. He looked like a Ramone.

Linda said...

I was wondering what happened to you!

Our tomatoes took forever too, which meant we didn't get very many before the rains came. We only needed a couple more weeks of sunshine! *sob*

Jen, Will and Charlie said...

CONSTANCE!!...........PAM!!....AHAHAHAAAAAAHA. It's been a while...I agree October is awesome, there is just so much fall stuff to do, can't wait to see Halloween pics!
Love ya, miss ya

elliesmadre said...

Looks like you guys are having a good time there. Can't wait to see the skirt-wearing Joi you speak of...

Jen, Will and Charlie said...

I'm an exclamation point fanatic!!! I get a little crazy with excitement, I know it's ridiculous!!...........!!!!

mama_nomad said...

oh yay, a little peek into your's a lovely world. october is my favey month too. and in 31 minutes it officially ends. boo-hoo!

BreD said...

oh my god, rosie the riveter, dr. evil, whoever...YOU look HOT!! we miss you and your sweet girls up here. get your arses up and visit us, would you??