Tuesday, December 04, 2007

What we did since the last time

Jeeeeeeezzz...I have been SUCH a slack-ass with this thing. It's been over a month. We had Halloween. Here are my two bored cats waiting to go.

We went to the Wildlife Safari. They put on a Halloween thing every year, apparently. You can ride a train, play games, see a magic show, etc. Tania met her bff there.

The kids do get to get their sugar on. They can decorate cookies and make caramel apples. Making caramel apples is wayyy better than bobbing for apples. Imagine all the snot that gets into that water. Blech. We revisited the cookie place a few times, because there's nothing better than frosting made of pure sugar.

Talula was obsessed with these goats, but afraid of them too. Love/hate. Hard to know what to do.

I don't know why, but this photo of Tania makes me laugh every single time I look at it. I'm smiling right now. It just cracks me up. I think it makes me think about how funny it would be if Tania was actually changed into a sheep, like in one of those kid movies. She would totally still have her same face. It would be hilarious. And she'd have that look on her face too, like, "Oh crap. Now what are we going to do? I can't be a sheep forever. Baa."

We had to keep the Halloween spirit alive the next day too. Tania tried to not wash her face for like five days. Her shirt is awesome too. We made it a couple of years ago. It's a photo of my friend, and when he showed up to a party, everyone there was wearing it. Hilarious. It's a good trick. You should do it sometime. Especially if you have a friend who doesn't like to draw attention to themselves.

We blew up an entire pack of balloons, drew faces on them, and left them around the house for a few days. It was good times until I couldn't take it anymore and murdered them all.

Talula had to hold onto one while she helped me make a pie.

And then, there was the best day of the year. The day I get to eat turkey, stuffing, mashed po's, gravy, etc. Here's my turkey soaking in a brine.

Here's my spread. I have to brag and say that everything was deliciously perfect. I did screw up one thing. I tried to make little leaves and turkeys out of pie dough. You know, to decorate the pie. But I forgot about them and they burned to a crisp. It was not to be. But do you see that cranberry sauce? Well, it turns out that I'm the only one who likes cranberry sauce, so I made the leftovers of that into a cranberry-pear pie, and I got to do a reenactment of the leaves. It worked out handsomely, and everyone liked my pie.

Poor little Lu was sick on Thanksgiving. We all got the plague when we went to Portland a week before, and you know how babies stay sick for ever. So she looked adorable in he little dress, but it was impossible to get her to smile that day.

I had to get a little fancy. Do I look too Matron Bush with the necklace thing?

Gosh, they are so damn cute.

And now, we're kickin' off winter with cute hats, cute coats, and cute faces. December is here. Time for the Christmas rush.


angstmonkey said...

*sigh* I miss you!

Linda said...

Usually when other people moon over their kids I just humor them. You have to. The problem with yours is that they truly *are* that beautiful so what do you say then? I can't just keep gushing about how adorable they are every single time I come here, I'm going to start looking like a stalker.

elliesmadre said...

I love the Tania as a sheep pic. If you squint, she actually looks like a sheep version of herself. :)

Layla said...

Yeah your back!!! Good to see you guys, cute as ever! Miss you- sorry been out of touch, crazy lately.. Love you

Laura said...

I laughed myself to tears over the Tania as a sheep pic. I'm fighting the urge to look at it again because I'll probably wake the tot. Seriously. Now I know where to go when I feel like crap.

Awesome job on the feast! I should have taken pictures of the feast I made... I did the leaves on the pie thing too, except I forgot the leaves in the hustle and bustle and Maddy ate them later.

Lee said...

The sheep picture is hilarious. The balloons are a cool idea, and murdering them sounds fun! :)

Jen, Will and Charlie said...
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Jen, Will and Charlie said...

Wow I can't believe how great your feast looked, I'm very impressed. I had no idea you were a closet Betty Crocker.

mama_nomad said...

tania looks so gorgeous in that kitty pic...and did you knit that hat on Lu? i lub it. :-)