Saturday, October 28, 2006

Missin' Tania, but bonding with Lu

Oh Christ, I miss Tania! Sometimes I take her for granted. I realize that she's actually not just a big help to me, but she's also my very best friend. I find myself wanting to tell her things all throughout the day, and when she calls me, I'm giddy with excitement.

I'm also getting some good bonding time with Lu. I'm trying this thing called Elimination Communication with her. Basically, you read your child for signs of having to pee or poop and try to get them to the potty in time. Yes, I realize that she's only four months old. It's not potty training. It's different. Do you realize that if you watch your child enough, you will be able to tell when they have to pee or poop? And if, every time they pee or poop, you make a noise to associate with it, they will eventually pee or poop if you make that noise? It works. It's hard to get the hang of, but it's working. As long as I'm not a slacker, I can tell when she has to go. It's insane.

Anyway, we went to a baby-wearing meeting today and it was fun. Joey's sick though, so that blows. He came, but was embarrassed about his condition, so he hid out at a coffee shop. The bad news is that I saw a million more wraps and slings I want to buy and make. The good news is that I got to see people that I really have enjoyed getting to know. Some of them are coming to my house on Friday for a playdate. Yay!

Tania gets home in either two or three days. She has the camera, so hopefully she'll have some good vineyard pictures. I'm so glad she has the opportunity to just get up and go to my parents' vineyard to take part in the harvest. It's a great experience for a kid her age...well, for a kid any age.

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Kulia said...

NINO I assume? Yes, it's an addiction to see so many others with great wraps, etc.

Jessica Higgins gave me a Didymos as a gift, she thought it was a cool souvineer from Europe, had no idea how AWESOME it really was.

And a Kozy, everyone needs a Kozy, and SoulBabyNYC Ring Slings....oh my.