Thursday, November 02, 2006

Tania's vineyard adventures

Tania came back from my parents' vineyard on Halloween. Yay! We missed her so much. She had a great time with my parents and brother, though.

Here she is in a trailer full of grapes. They picked them on Saturday. Tania helped and said she got purple fingers. The way they decide when to pick the grapes is by testing the pH of the soil. They call the buyer of the grapes, and if the buyer likes the levels, they pick. If he doesn't like the levels, they wait. So they picked and then put the grapes in to bins, and then drove them up to Eugene on Tuesday.

Tania also got to help my parents housesit for the neighbor. They have a beautiful property with many different fruit trees. And, best of all, they have a trampoline! Here's a picture of Tania jumping. She also got to sleep on a princess bed that was several feet off the ground. She made a new friends while she was there. It got so cold while she was there that when they woke up one morning, there was a thick layer of frost everywhere. It was exciting for Tania, but the frost can completely halt the grape production.

Well, she had a great time, but we're glad she's back!

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