Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter happenin's

This was Lu's first Easter on the outside. We had a much more relaxed Easter than last year. We just had brunch and hung out. We did some spring cleaning and watched the Virgin Suicides. Good movie. Love Sofia Coppola. We had some Bloody Marys (wouldn't want to upset family tradition) and eggs benedict and latkes. Or, as Joey thinks they are called, plackis. I think his Polish mother may have renamed them.

Okay...I just googled Polish latke, and it says this on Wikipedia: "Though commonly associated with the Ashkenazi Jewish cuisine of Eastern Europe, they are not necessarily Jewish in origin. Areas like northeast Poland, for instance, know many varieties. A favorite Polish dish is placki wÄ™gierskie (placki po wÄ™giersku) — potato pancakes stuffed with a thick, spicy Hungarian goulash." So I guess Joey's mother didn't make up the name. Oops. Falsely accused, ouch.

Back to Easter, it was nice to stick around home after a week of playdates left and right. I used to complaint about not doing anything. Now I feel overbooked. Things should calm down a bit now that Easter is over.

Other than Easter goings-on, we been eating lots of Cheerios.

We've been doing some Downward Facing Dog.

And some Cobra.

We've been pulling ourselves up to stand, albeit a wobbly stand.

We've been reading and eating toys.

And cuddling on our awesome new 70s couch with our awesome new rainbow crocheted blanket with our awesome new Hawaii-themed children's book found in a rural Oregon thrift shop.


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