Monday, April 16, 2007

My baby is growing up!

My little baby has had a busy week. She has learned how to crawl, has been pulling herself up to stand, and has learned how to throw a tantrum. So her new routine is to crawl over to the table, try to pull herself up to grab scalding hot coffee or knives or grenades or huge bags of cocaine (you know, whatever we happen to have lying around), and then arch her back and cry in protest when we try to thwart her attempts. It seems though, that her new found freedom has her scared of what the real world will be like, because she wants me to sit on the ground with her while she explores. If I try to walk away to refill my scalding hot coffee or sharpen my knives, she yells in protest. Then she shoots her arms up for a holding and a hug. She pats my back when we hug. I pat hers too and say, "So nice, you're so nice." Then, when she holds her favorite baby doll, I say, "So nice, you're so nice," and she pats the baby.

She sleeps next to her favorite baby too.

And when she wakes up, she hugs her with hands and feet.

Now she has a little cold, and I have no clue where it came from.

Tania has been Miss Busypants recently. We had two homeschool park days, soccer, and a playdate with a friend last week. Plus, she went out to dinner with one of her grown-up friends, and played at another friend's house yesterday. The homeschool park days are fun, but they are new, so there aren't too many people yet. One of the events is at a $1 skating rink. It's pretty cool.

We went to "The Bins" last weekend. Holy crap, what an experience. I think the way it works is that Goodwill brings all the stuff that's been in each store for too long to this one place where you can sort through bins of crap and buy stuff by the pound. So the biggest weirdos in all of Portland show up to collect more crap for their cluttered homes. I can't even describe the madness that ensues when a new bin is wheeled out. People just dive in, frantically throwing stuff to the side and finding their buried treasures.

Anyway, it was a fun experience, and I got bookshelves, books, clothes, wool. Then we went to another thrift store where we got more things. I found pillowcases, to make dresses out of, and aprons. Then, we stopped at an estate sale on the way home! more spending for a while.

Now, I have a lot of crafting to do. I have more longies, dresses and curtains to sew. I'll be back soon with photos of my creations.


A said...

Your girl is lovely!

I think the cold might have been from us...Brigit just got over one. :-(


Korin said...

I love how Lu sleeps with her arms behind her head. She is such a character.

The bins are scary... but you can scoooooore!

Candice said...

Thanks for the good words, ladies. Here's to hoping we don't pass this cold back and forth.