Tuesday, June 05, 2007

So much socializing...no wonder I got mastitis.

I don't mean to pour salt on an old wound here with this photo, but it's a cute one. The toy in Talula's mouth was lost later that day, and it was a favorite of her boyfriend's mom, who may or may not be reading this blog. And well, it was pretty much my fault that it was lost, because when said boyfriend dropped the toy on the walk home, said boyfriend's mom wisely tried to put it away, but yours truly suggested that he might still want it. She hesitated, then ignored her own good judgment and gave the boy his toy. Moments later...no toy. I swear to replace the toy. I swear it.

Tania is actually doing a free-form flip here and I photoshopped the bar in for safety reasons. I didn't want anyone else's kid to see this and think that they can pull ninja moves too. Liability issues, ugh.

We went to the Portland Mothering Dot Commune picnic on Saturday. It was fun, fun, fun, everybody agrees. And yes, I meet my friends online. It's better than real life, because you can decide whether or not you like someone before actually meeting them. None of these 'getting to know you' shenanigans. I should have started this in my teens. It would have saved me a lot of trouble. Unless, of course, I met one of those teenagers online who is actually a 56-year-old plumber named Carl who wants to meet me at "Mickey D's" for a "Coke or a sundae."

Anywayyy, here Talula is, stealing her boyfriend's toy, and then looking at me to help her when he sticks up for himself and tries to get his dang toy back. Sheesh. Women.

But look at how he really knows how to talk to a lady. She's all trying to play coy, but you can totally tell that she's interested. I mean, who wouldn't be with the hat and the necklace with the no shirt...damn...

And trying to get in good with the mom? Nice move buddy. We'll talk dowry later.

On Sunday, we went to Krueger's Farm on Sauvie Island to pick strawberries. We went with a group of lovely friends who didn't make it into any of our photos. We didn't make it into any of theirs either though.

Off topic, but I saw this handsome man there. I just had to take his photo. Oh my God, he's hot.

I think he brought this adorable girl with him.

So, when I took this photo, I was like, "Come on, Tania. Open your eyes and smile." And she was all, "Mom, the sun is in my eyes." And I was like, "Oh, come on!" thinking she was being so dramatic, "Okay, okay, I'll put my shadow over your face. Geez."

And then? Oh, is that the sun that you're talking about? Wow, it's pretty bright.

Later, Talula stole her friend's sippy cup. She was so pleased with herself. Let's hope this doesn't lead to a lifetime of petty theft. As someone who is half-pirate, I would be displeased with anything less than grand piracy.

Tania climbed a tree, which is my favorite thing that kids do.

And oh my God. There's that handsome man again. How's my hair?

We picked six pounds of strawberries. They're still sitting in my refrigerator thinking about what they want to become. Some of them will become a smoothie this morning. Some of them will become some jam for Tania.

That is, unless this little monkey doesn't eat them all first.

She a sneaky one, that gal. With strawberry juice all over her, she knows Mama ain't letting her go in the house yet. But she looks to her right.

Then looks to her left, smiling and making cute faces all the time, so as to distract me.

And then she goes for the door, but ha! I catch her. Because her ninja training is not yet complete, but mine is.

She gets hosed off, but she's not going down without a fight. She'll eat that spray nozzle just off principle.


Jen said...

I soo love your blog and all the ninja pirate stuff, I'm always laughing. I love that picture of Lu eating the strawberry, so much cutie pie styles. Well I'm off to Hawaii tomorrow...... not trying to make you jealous at all!

Candice said...

You bitch...I'm going in Sep.

A said...

We got one picture of you guys...waaaay of in the distance. I will email you a link to the blog.


Linda said...

I loved this series. You are so funny! I have to go get out and go through my blog roll more often.

Lee said...

Haha! You write such great comments to go with the pictures! Love it!!!

Summer said...

LOL Man I want strawberries now.