Sunday, June 10, 2007

Teeth are torturing us the sleep deprivation way

And we're about to confess everything. Send help.

Lu has decided that she needs to hold on to this bear to feel okay about life. She needs him when she sleeps. Sometimes, she'll wake up crying in the middle of the night until I get him for her.

She needs him when she nurses. Sometimes she likes to whack me in the head with him while she nurses. It's humiliating.

Since she found Mr. Bear, she's decided that she hates her baby doll. To demonstrate her hatred in a convincing way, she likes to sit on her and beat her in the head with a red ball. Don't be fooled by Lu's sweet face. She's got a sinister side to her.

She plays sweet and coy and innocent very well, oh yes.

And then all of sudden, she's like, "Psht! That's ridiculous! Do you take me for some kind of fool?"

Yeah, watch out for her.

SO yesterday, Mama made a couple of pillowcase dresses. Here's one of them. This is Lu's tortured supermodel pose. Notice the tear under her eye. She's so tired of being just another pretty face. She's thinking of starting her own line of beauty products or yoga gear to prove that she's also quite business savvy.

Yeah, it's been a boring week.


Korin said...

oh she is SUCH a tortured soul!

now i must make a pillowcase dress!

Stephanie said...

Enters the lighter side via Candice - thanks so much for these humorous posts!

Lee said...

How sweet that she now has a chosen stuffed animal! I can't wait to see what Jake picks as his favorite snuggle item. I want him to beat me over the head with it while he nurses :)

Summer said...

Poor thing. Teething can be evil!

Jenni said...

I love it! she's such a cutie...

i had forgotten (and will just put it out of my mind) how much... fun.... teething is...

best of luck getting some sleep!