Thursday, December 28, 2006


I suppose I should put up a blog about Christmas. We really didn't do much. I always had this notion in my head that Christmas would be so much better if I could plan in myself and not have to be bothered with the inconsideration of my brothers and the stress that my parents go through in the planning and the endless waiting for every family member to show up before we can even eat breakfast.

But I was wrong.

I would have given anything to wake up in my parents' house on Christmas day.

Not that we were entirely miserable. On Christmas Eve, we had turkey with all the fixings. I even wore makeup and busted out a sweater from my special vintage sweater collection.

Lu even dressed up for the occasion.

Mr. Handsome shaved his pretty face.

Tania wore what all the fashionistas are wearing this Christmas season, and while I cooked, she pulled Lu around in a box.

But Lu got tired as I cooked and had to take a quick snooze.

On Christmas Day, we stayed in bed and watched movies all day long. It was cozy and relaxing.

And that was our Christmas! But here are some more photos taken over the past couple of days.

Lu in her box.

How's my hair?

DJ Lu.

Super-stoned DJ Lu?

Note to self: Need more photos of Tania. It's just that she rarely brushes her hair these days.

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