Saturday, December 02, 2006

Happy December!

I've been ridiculously underslept lately; hence, the lack of new posts. Plus, I've been trying, trying, to study for the bar.

But it's December. Yay! We haven't gotten a Christmas tree yet. We did get Talula some coziness though. She found her new things to be good for eating, mostly.

I also made Talula some more faux Babylegs, which I've been calling "Crazylegs." They're made out of some knee socks from Old Navy. And by "made," I mean that I cut the feet off.

Tania has been watching Lu sometimes while I study. They have some fun together.

The weather has been mostly beautiful, but really cold. We can go on walks though. Lu wouldn't stop blinking this day.

Hopefully, life will get more interesting soon.

1 comment:

K said...

i made some holiday crazylegs today... yeah target!
lu is so cute in that hat!!