Monday, December 04, 2006

I'm back from the dead

I feel like I'm back from the dead. I finally got some okay sleep last night, and I feel good. I'm going to do a major cleaning session today. It's really disheartening to study and look at a filthy house. I'm sure it bugs Joey to come home from work or school to a pig-sty. So I'm taking the day off of studying. It just has to get done.

On Saturday, we went to Oaks Park and walked along the Willamette. It was wicked cold, so we didn't stay long. This guy stopped to take our picture for us, but they didn't click, and for some reason we didn't have the heart to tell old Ansel that he didn't know what he was doing. But Joey took this picture.

My hair's a little windblown, but whatevs. By the way, I lost a coat, so this green one's all I've got. Every picture you see of me for the next five months or so are going to include the green jacket.

We let Talula play with some noodles last night.

What's this stuff?

Well, here's how I've seen Mama deal with this sort of thing.

Delizioso! Muah! Bellisimo!

She actually didn't ingest a thing. I think she might be a flavor kind of gal. She seemed disappointed by the blandness of whole-wheat noodles. She did perk up, however, when Tania stuck a sauce-covered finger in her mouth.

Well, I'm off to start accomplishing things.


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