Tuesday, August 28, 2007

More proof that I'm insane.

I cut my hair. Drastically. And all by myself. I quite like it though. It kind of looks like I dyed it red in this photo. I may just go ahead and do that.

In other news, we went camping. The spot was near Umpqua Lighthouse, in Winchester Bay. That's Oregon, for those of you not in the know.

We camped on Lake Marie, a small lake about a mile around, and full of trout that evaded us the entire time.

Our campsite was "cozy". The Loud Family stayed next door. Here we are setting up camp.

Someone didn't help. She just sat there smirking.

Tania had her own little tent. She's so brave. I'm such a wuss that I had to wake Joey up to pee with me at night.

Someone also thought 5 a.m. was a good time to wake up.

Here's the breakfast crowd.

Someone ate all of the sausage.

Tania and Tutu did some bonding.

And at some point, Tania got really tired of having to pose for the camera.

Someone never tires of getting her photo taken.

Tania did find her true love on the camping trip, though.

And Someone got in a lot of walking and exploring.

No, you're the man.

We looked and looked and looked in the woods for fairies, but they totally hid from us. They can be such a-holes. We know they were there though, because we found their hiding spots.

I think Tania got her fill of helping with Lu. She's over it for a while.

She also insisted on folding her tent up all by herself and protested about my uncoolness when I had to take a photo.

Back to civilization.


Korin said...

1. You look hot with that hair.
2. Those pix of Tania are a-dor-able. Seriously, she's such a ham, and yet so photogenic. Beautiful. Smooch her for me!
3. Lu is so sweet! Such a happy baby out in the woods!
4. Portland misses you! You can come camp in my back yard!

angstmonkey said...

You're so hot you're making me sexist.

angstmonkey said...

that should be your (I am tired)

Layla said...

Aww you guys look like you had fun. Your hair looks pretty sweet. When are you guys coming? can't wait to see you!

Lee said...

Someone writes very funny blog posts!

Summer said...

I love the hair cut!

camping sounds so fun. I really would love to go. Looks like you guys had fun. :)