Friday, August 03, 2007

Our morning walk

Lu and I like to take a walk in the morning to say hello to all of her friends. This is Morning Lu, ready to face the day, armed with a smile and a bag full of cuteness, no one can stand in her way.

We say hello to her chicken friends. They like to peck at things in the vineyard.

Hello, rooster friend. He looks for hawks while the hens get their pecking on.

These hen friends are new-ish and have not been socialized with the other chickens yet. Tonight. Big night. Party in the hen house.

We say hello to Lu's piggie friends. They're busy sleeping and cuddling.

Some of her horsie friends are grazing.

One of them stares at us blankly.

And then there's these guys.

We see a couple of her doggie friends.

And a couple of her moo-cow friends. Moooooooooooooooooooooooooo, we say to them.

Poor little Lu has thrush, and so I can't eat these lovelies.

And that's our morning walk.

By the way, my girl can wear pigtails now.


Papaya said...

I love the piggies - and the round saw behind her - country livin'!

Sara said...

What on earth would that silly rooster do?

Sweet Lu pics.

Summer said...

Awww. :)

Laura said...

How cute is Lu!? Whenever I put things in Maddy's hair, she immediately pulls them out and tries to put them in herself and I'm not allowed to help. Thus, we've got flock of seagulls happening.