Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Oh my God. I'm back in blog world.

Yay. I'm finally hooked up to the internets and found my camera cord. Obviously, I can't catch up completely or I'd bore myself to death, but here are some things we have been doing lately.

Eating dirt:

Going to the Oregon Country Fair. My brother Bryan and some handsome devil named Joey. Yes, my brother dresses like that all the time.

Joey pulling Tania.

Talula looking adorable.

We've also been working to get the barn built. In July, we started laying concrete. Big job. I'm glad I have a baby. Otherwise, they might have asked me to help. Instead, I was on photo duty. I must have taken a hundred (yawwwwwn) photos, but here are just a few.

From left to right, Jim, Some Guy, Some Other Guy, Bryan (crouched down), and Joey. They're leveling the concrete.

From left to right, Bryan, Joey and Jim. They're shoveling excess concrete out.

With some of the excess, we made personalized stepping stones. Here is Tania, handprinting the Aiston stone.

My dad and mom, enjoying a *gasp* beer??? What kind of vineyard is this? For shame.

My dad writing his name in the finished cement.

Tania making things out of excess concrete.

Tania and Talula drive the tractor now. Totally safe.

Been trying to work sometimes. It was kind of doable for a while, but then Lu decided she wants to try to walk all the time now, so now it's really hard unless she's asleep.

And the latest thing that we've been up to...recovery from this incident. 3 plums + 1 peach = diarrhea for days.

Will check in regularly from here on out.


Summer said...

Yay! Welcome back! LOL

Papaya said...

Welcome back!

Can't wait to see the barn progress....and those kids too.


Korin said...

Yay! you live!
The pix of her eating the plum... for a sec i thought she was eating diarrhea.

Yeah, Im sleep deprived.

Laura said...

I like how it looks like Joey has a picture of your brother on his shirt. :snicker:

Lu is freaking adorable!

Jen said...

Have you been working in Rice paddies again? Sick Hat!!!

Linda said...

Oh, your mom and dad look like such cool people. I'm jealous!

I sympathize on the fruit poo. My FIL is a melon farmer so we get all we want, boxes and boxes, and when the kids were young I really had to be a tyrant with monitoring their intake.