Tuesday, June 20, 2006

First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind

First Language Lessons
for the Well-Trained Mind

by Jessie Wise

This is the grammar book that we are using for Tania. Read the reviews on Amazon link above. Most are positive. One talks about typos, but the one she mentions is not in the book I have. I have not found any typos yet, but maybe I am just stoopid. Tee-hee.

We like it. I wanted to get through it, even though it starts at a first-grade level, to see where Tania is at with grammar. It seems like they did not do a lot with grammar at her school. She did not know what a noun was, and accordingly, did not know the difference between common and proper nouns. I guess some probably theorize that this knowledge is not important at such a young age. I can see why, but for me, grammar was something that I learned early and it sort of set the stage for learning how to write. I want to establish habits now, so she can concentrate on more important things later. And she seems to have a mind for it, so there you go.

The author thinks memorization is important. I am not sure yet if I believe that it is, but Tania enjoys it, so we do it. Narration is another thing emphasized in the book, i.e., you read about something and your child narrates what you read. I think this is an incredibly important skill.

After you are finished with this book, you are supposed to move on to some other grammar program. They recommend Rod & Staff, which from what I have heard, is heavily Christian, to the point of irritating even Christians. There is a new secular grammar program that I just heard about called Growing With Grammar. I reviewed the website and it looks pretty good. We might go with that for third grade. They actually only offer third grade right now, but are in the process of preparing 4th and 5th grade curricula.

But anyway, as far as First Language Lessons goes, Tania is eating it up. She really likes it.

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