Friday, June 09, 2006

Tania, Artist Extraordinaire

I cannot tell you how proud I am of Tania for painting this picture of Joey for Father's Day! Come on, it's genius! She is so good with color schemes.

I just thought I'd brag a bit. I can't help it. This blog may turn into nothing more than book reviews and shameless bragging.

I better relate it to homeschooling. I am just really, really happy that she will be able to explore her articitic talent as much as she wants and needs. This painting was a project that she did at school. They have art once a week for about thirty minutes. At home, she will be able to paint every day if she wants. That makes me so happy.

She was so excited about this painting that she had to give it to Joey early. He was so impressed. He could not stop talking about it even after she went to sleep. We all think she's some kind of artistic genius. Doesn't every parent think their child is a genius? I know mine thought I was a genius. Well, I can't wait to show my mom what her genius granddaughter has been up to. My mom is a painter, so she's always thrilled with Tania's work. She taught Tania how to paint.


Danielle said...

That is really, really good. The scale is great and the colors work really well together. She has an entrance and exit to her painting and it is a pleasure to look at. Be very proud. Encourage the artist in her.

Candice said...