Friday, June 30, 2006

The World Revolves around Talula as of Late

We haven't been getting too much accomplished lately. Well, I haven't. Tania has been keeping up with her work, and Joey has been basically doing my job and his. The house is pretty spotless, thanks to him.

It's not that Talula is hard to take care of; it's just that I like to stare at her all day long. So even when she's sleeping, I'm holding her.

Luckily, I think I am finally coming around. I have her in the sling for most of the day, so I am at least mobile. I was able to do dishes and cook breakfast for everyone. I should clean the bathroom today.

But how could you do anything but stare at this cute face all day long? Tania has to take breaks from her work or her play to come and give her kisses. She's really turning out to be a wonderful big sister. They're both really lucky to have each other, and Joey and I are very lucky to have both of them.

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