Friday, June 09, 2006

School Is Over! Yippee!

And we headed straight to the beach. It was absolutely beautiful. The sky was an undescribable shade of blue, the ocean was several shades from deep blue to a brilliant aqua, and the sand was a heavenly white. There were a LOT of people there! It sort of looked like a "Where's Waldo" scene with kids building sand castles, grown-ups reading books, teenagers splashing each other in the water, tourists tipping over on kayaks.

So what does Tania build out of sand? A desk and a chair. The twigs sticking out of the desk are supposed to be pencils. I thought it was sort of ironic. She might miss the formalities of school for a while. We may need to feed her some of those formalities, although I had big plans to do our first lessons at this beautiful botanical garden called Ho'omaluhia.

Oh, so since it was the last day of school, guess what Tania got from her teacher? All the things that had been confiscated during the year and held hostage in her desk. There were all these bracelets that I thought Tania had carelessly lost and refused to buy any more of. I guess she was afraid to admit to me that she had gotten them confiscated because she was playing with them. I wish I had known, because I would have demanded them back. I mean, how can a teacher take someone's property and hold it for the whole school year? That's just ridiculous. She could have just as easily sent it home with a note explaining the situation. I would have thought the situation was stupid, but would not have let her wear the bracelets to school anymore. Playing with her bracelets...oooooooohhh...sounds like a future criminal! That must have disrupted the entire class and prevented them from learning!


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