Wednesday, November 29, 2006

We got a kitty!

Yay! We got a kitty! We named her Holly Eva.

And it's a strange story about her name. We were awaiting her arrival all day. See, Holly is a sneaky survival kitty who snuck into this woman's house during the recent torrential rain storm. She wanted to keep Holly, but she already has a kitty and the landlord wasn't going for it. So the woman who lives in the other part of the house posted on Mothering that they had a kitty to give away. I was thinking about how to approach Joey with the idea of getting a kitty, when he walked into the room and said, "We've got to get a kitty." And I said, "Well, funny you should say that..."

So the woman from Mothering was supposed to bring the kitty over in the morning. But the woman who had been taking care of her was at work, and she wanted to say goodbye, so we had to wait until evening.

So we spent the day getting all the kitty-things we would need: food, dishes, litter box, toys. And we talked about names. We threw out a few. I said I was a big fan of kitties and doggies having middle names. Then Joey said, "How about Holly?" And I said, "We should name her Holly Eva, like Hale'iwa!" Hale'iwa is a town on the North Shore of Oahu. One of the things Joey and I loved to do was drive out to Hale'iwa and have beer and sushi and watch the waves. And it's pronounced by haoles the same way as Holly Eva. So we had that name, but we thought we'd better meet the kitty first before we have a name all picked out.

So around 7:00 p.m., the woman who has been taking care of the kitty brings her over. She has her friend with her too. We get to talking, and find out that they're both from Hawaii too! We ask them where they lived, and one says she's from Honolulu, and the other one says she's from the North Shore, Hale'iwa! Can you believe it!?

So the name was pretty much settled at that point. It was fate.

So Holly Eva is about 6 months old. She's a loving kitty. She likes to snuggle on your lap and she likes to be petted. She likes to eat, eat, eat! She prefers her wet food mixed with her dry food, and she likes her water cold. She likes to chase a feather-on-a-stick, and she prefers to play at night, rather than sleep. Her favorite spot is underneath the living room table, but she also nap on my fuzzy bike seat.

We are all very stoked on Holly Eva the kitty.

And now, on to business...

In the kitty excitement, I slacked on my bar studying yesterday. So, to do:

-5 hours of Contracts!!!
-Contracts outlining
-Clean kitchen
-Clean litter box

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