Friday, May 11, 2007

I like eating tuna-noodle casserole very much.

I can't believe the weather has been so nice. It's been all sunshine and lemonade. We've been all about picnics. And making fashion statements. Like the statement: 1985 was the best year EVER, and The Human League RULEZ!!!

We saw our friends at the park one day. Here Tania is instructing the babies about when the revolution will take place. I don't know, something about corn and children no parents. I wasn't paying attention.

Here, she's leaning in really close and I could barely make out what she was saying. The only phrase I can be sure that I heard was "machetes are under the bed." Oh well.

Lu's favorite toys of late are kitchen dishes and utensils. We have to bring them everywhere.

Yesterday, we went to a place called Keana's Candyland. It's a house that is completely decorated like a gingerbread house and they sell candy and toys and baked goods there. They also serve breakfast and lunch. We had cheeseburgers. I should have taken better and more pictures, but Lu was really a handful, so I didn't get to. But here are a few of the girls sitting at our table. You can see parts of an elaborate mural in the background.

Afterward, we went and hung out at Laurelhurst Park. It was really sunny, sunscreen-worthy.

Well, it turned out that Lu was cranky for a reason. She's really sick. We were up all night, and she's really not herself today. Please keep her in your thoughts. She's really miserable.

I'm making tuna-noodle casserole for dinner. Yum.


Linda said...

Oh, you must tell me where Keana's Candyland is. Please?

p.s. I love tuna casserole too.

Candice said...

I just noticed this. Keana's Candyland is in Portland on SE Milwaukie Ave., between Brooklyn and Sellwood. It will be the thing looking like a giant gingerbread house.