Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Skip to My Lu, My Dahling.

I only have photos of Lu, because Tania has been Captaine Sociale lately. She has also taken to forbidding picture-taking lately. She even called me the paparazzi. She just wants to be left alone and have a normal life. Why am I so intrigued by her private life, she wants to know? She threatened to file a lawsuit for an injunction against all future photo use. I'll keep you updated.

Lu is still into working the paparazzi to further her career.

She's really obsessed with Daddy lately. She totally hates me. I think she's been watching too much Family Guy.

Okay, watch closely, or you'll miss it.

Did you see that? No, you probably missed it. I think I've mentioned before that we're part ninja. We move too quickly for cameras. We're also part pirate. We like to take things from people.

Here, you can't see anything. That's because there's camouflage. Have you ever seen a truck or something painted in camouflage? No! You haven't! Because it's camouflage. So you can't see my wrap here, or Lu hiding underneath it, but trust me, they're both there.

See? There she is.

I look away for two seconds, and my little ninja has finished the dishes and is starting the dishwasher. What a peach.

After I took this photo, I ate her. I couldn't help it. Nobody should be that cute.

Luckily, she came back to life, albeit as a stuffy-nosed screaming zombie who keeps threatening to eat our brains (apparently, she can smell them), but we're thankful.


Summer said...

Awww!!!!!!! She's just so adorable!!!

Stephanie said...

I've come here quite a few times to read, but now I think I'm gonna put up a link, as I often drift here fron unschoolers, and always enjoy myself.
Thanks for the laughs.
Also living and learning in freedom,

Korin said...

sweet sweet pix.
such a cute ninja/pirate. lol

chasmyn said...

I love this entry! The photos are great, and your descriptions are priceless.