Thursday, May 03, 2007

Ice cubes are falling from the sky

Yes, it's true. Yesterday, giant ice cubes fell from the sky. But the few days before that, the weather was quite nice, and we were able to get outside and do fun things.

Like attack little babies when they least expect it.

Here she is, innocently playing with her toes and talking to herself. Not suspecting that in the blink of an eye, the turn of the head...bam! Something could happen.

Like flowers. Someone could just walk up and dump two handfuls of flowers on your head. Ha! You didn't even see that coming. Cause I'm quick. Like a ninja.

Tania decided to finally tap into our walnut supply. She just poured them out onto the sidewalk and started crunching them with her feet. Using a hammer is too time-consuming, you see, and nut-crackers are for sissies. We're not sissies. We're ninjas. And pirates.

Then we had to squat down and sift through the ruins for the good stuff.

But the ants came. They're quick little buggers. And they're organized. Like ninjas.

This squirrel came later to see what we'd missed.

I mentioned that I come from a family of ninjas and pirates, but I forgot to mention that my great-great-great uncle was half monkey. It's a recessive gene, but it seems to have resurfaced in my kids.

I've been makin' things. This time I made little baby shoes. The sole is made out of leather. I cut up a leather jacket I hadn't worn in years. And the lining and upper is made out of flannel.

I made this cute pair with strawberries.

And this cute pair with ducks. I thought they should face Lu when I sewed them on, but now that seems stupid.

But actually, buttons were a stupid idea, period. Because babies love to play with buttons.

And try to eat them.

Miss Lula has been quite the handful lately. She's never content to sit still anymore. She always has to be getting into something. But, the upside is that she is really able to learn cool things now. Like disco finger. Too bad I couldn't get it on camera.

She's really got disco fever. Maybe it's because her sister dances with her all the time.

Well, Joey and I are supposed to have our first date tonight, post-baby. I don't remember if I mentioned that it was supposed to happen last week, but the babysitting fell through. So, I hope we have a good time and that Talula doesn't cry. I'm scared. Somebody hold me.


Korin said...

i'll hold you, like a ninja.

Kulia said...

How did the date go? I hope all was great!

And ROCK ON Tania for figuring out the stamping technique - very cool.

You are such a crafty Mom!

Candice said...

Hold you like a ninja...ha ha ha...I actually did laugh out loud.

The date was great! I got to third base! We got through the whole meal and then went and shot two games of pool...and I won both, of course. He's actually the better player. I got lucky.

Sarah said...

I cant believe how big Talula is! This is the first time Ive been on a blog...kind of new to it! You guys look great and I miss you so much! Come home!

Candice said...

Sarah! I miss you!

Lee said...

Whoo hoo for third base! The booties are so cute! Even I want to eat those strawberries.

Summer said...

Awww, love the sisters dancing! So sweet!