Thursday, May 17, 2007

Business Candice thanks you for your time

She also carries a briefcase with nothing in it but paper. She also finds your work fascinating. And her one weakness is that she's a workaholic. She just cannot rest until the job is completed. Will you hire Business Candice? We shall see if Business Candice is hireable.

Tania has been reading the Little House on the Prairie series, and Frontier House. She decided that she wants to be a pioneer, so she built a covered wagon.

And she set off west to squat on some land for five years so that she can one day own it.

We'll miss her. Oh, oops! She lost some cargo. The stick goes in the tire spokes to act as a brake.

Wait a minute, do you notice anything strange here?

It's a stowaway!

Lu's just been eating paper without her pants on lately, you know, the usual.

And by the way, our kitty is a total princess. She prefers to lounge on people. Laps are not good enough. They must bend down to show their reverence for her while she lounges on their shoulders.

Or, on clean laundry.

Good day, sir.


Summer said...

LOL Too funny! I've got a pantless paper eater as well, I love fat baby bottoms! :)

Korin said...

Um. business candice looks hot in a suit. She could get a job as a dominatrix. ;)

J&J said...

Business Candice sounds something like Business Jessica... but B.C. is funnier!
I wish I lived near you so I could give Lu a big kiss. I think she and P would be good baby friends. ;)

Lee said...

Business Candice is a sexy business woman! I agree with Korin. :)

Cats sure let you know who's queen (or king) of the house, don't they?

Candice said...

Hmmm...dominatrix...maybe i should try that out. Better hiring chances, probably. *whoopack, whoopack!*