Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Hey, lucky you! I'm on a posting extravaganza!

I wanted to publicly apologize for insinuating that the weather forecaster was a liar. Alright, I didn't insinuate it; I said it straight out. And I was wrong. I'm not to big to admit that. It actually became gloriously sunny just minutes after I called him a liar. But Tania was sick. Vomit-sick. So I sat inside looking longingly out the window until Tania said, "Mom, I feel much better. Can we go to the park?" I said yes. Sorry to the kids at the park if you get sick. It was selfish of me, but I could not help myself. And she really was better. Hasn't thrown up since. And she never had a fever. So there.

While Tania did spinny-spin-spin...

Lu struck a couple of cute poses...

And played with the hottest baby toy of the season, a plastic water bottle.

Our kitty followed us to the park, so we fed her cat food out of my shoe. She refused to eat cat food off of the ground. Hmph, felines. So friggin' prissy.

Here's an homage to our beloved Brooklyn Park. It's so adorable. And during the summer, they set up slip n' slide down the hill. How fun is that?

Today is another pretty day, but here I am in the house. We have soccer today, and Tania just went with a friend downtown to run some errands. I am trying to make something special for Tania and will post a picture when I am finished.


Lee said...

Yeah for water bottles! I laughed when I saw that.

Your cat follows you to the park? What a cool cat, even if the cat will only eat out of your shoe *snickering*.

Candice said...

Cool when the cat follows us to the park. Not cool when the cat follows us to the bus stop, gets lost, lives at a bar for three days, then is finally recognized by a neighbor and brought home.

mama_nomad said...

um...we have the same shoes. only mine are black. and gross on the inside too.
you're my old navy shoe twin, just so ya know;-)

Candice said...

Yes, but do cats eat out of yours?