Sunday, February 18, 2007

Birthday Party!

Yesterday was Tania's birthday party. We had a lot of fun. We ate and had cake, then swam in this really cool pool. The room is heated, and the water is too. There's a huge slide. Here are some photos.

Everyone eating:

Lu sucking on a red bell pepper slice:

The fam:

Tutu, Talula, and Tania:

Blowing out candles:


Girls on the playground after swimming:

Tania, seeing how high she can reach:

Lu's first time on the swing:

Afterward, we went out for pizza. Guess which vehicle we'd been driving around all day?

Tania had a really fun day, and is now off to help Tutu and Granddad bottle some wine in Vancouver, WA. I have to clean.

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Kulia said...

Happy Birthday!!!!