Sunday, February 04, 2007

Echinacea, shmechinacea!

I got sicker than all of them.

But Thursday was Day 2 of FlyLady, and I was supposed to wake up and immediately get dressed and put makeup on and do my hair. Normally, I'll wear pajamas all day if I stay home. But I did it.

(I know, who posts pictures of herself, right?) Then, I shined my sink. I cleaned the house. Lu seemed to be feeling better.

So I took the kids to OMSI. We walked, which was good. It's only about a mile away and it's been sunny lately.

We had a really cool time. We went to the side we hadn't been to the last time. I really liked the stuff they had about salmon. It was really interesting. Tania liked all the brain teaser games and the human body stuff.

Lu was unimpressed.

They also have a really decent cafe that serves vegetarian, locally grown, organic food. God, I love Portland. Now, if only the zoo would do the same.

So I got this brilliant idea that we would walk home along the 40-mile loop. It was really pretty, but, um, there's no exit by our house. So we walked about four miles home. And 7-year-olds walk slowww. Because, you know, we have to look for clues...and treasures...and magic crystals. Here are some pictures of our walk home.

Tania in front of Ross Island and underneath the Ross Island Bridge.

Tania looking pretty with sunshine on her face.

Tania in front of the Ross Island Bridge holding her sword.

Tania by some weird sculpture.

Some friends we made along the way.

On Friday, we went to play at a friend's house. All was well, but the next morning at 4 a.m., I was up puking my guts out. I won't divulge any further details, but it was ugly. And Joey was working a graveyard for that night, so part of the time I was puking, I had to hold Lu at the same time. Yesterday was hell. I was so weak that I couldn't get up. Joey had to work again, but Tania was a huge help. She should get an award. She would take Lu so I could sleep and then bring her back when she got sad.

I felt better today, although not completely 100 percent. Lu has also been teething, so nighttime is for screaming, not sleeping. So we went to meet some friends for coffee this morning. Our babies were all born in the same month. One of them, I was meeting for the first time. Anyway, I wish Lu and I had been more up for playing, but we had a good time. There will be a next time.

Here's to health!


Kulia said...

FlyLady rocks the hizzouse.

I do hope that you feel better soon. How awesome that Tania helps with Lu!!!

Korin said...

you look pretty hot for a sick person. ;)

Licketysplit said...

Hey, do you have an RSS feed for your blog? I wanted to add it to my reader.