Monday, February 19, 2007

Just Lu and me

Tania spent the night in Vancouver with my parents, and Joey had work late and school early, so it was just Lu and me. We played. We did some holding. We had some boobies. We ate some ziti.

Check out this awesome set of blocks my mom brought for Lu. It's crocheted, and it used to be Tania's when she was a tiny tiger.

Lu liked them okay.

I think she likes her fashion book better.

But her favorite toy was a paper cup from Tania's party.

Anyway, we had fun, but missed Tania. She came back today, and my 'rents went down to the vineyard. We might see them in a couple of weeks, but who can really know what Pam and Mike will be up to? They could go fishing, or to wine events...they can't be tied down.

Also, today is Tania's real birthday, so I had to take a photo of her. My little 8-year-old, all grown up. Sniffle.

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Jenn said...

Oyyyy! Someone's a great artist and a good photographer! Love your blog!