Friday, February 09, 2007

February weather is awesome!

Yesterday, I went to the store in a t-shirt. It's not what I would call warm, being from Hawaii and all, but it's been comfortable. We've been trying to get outside while we can. We played with Tania's friend R. at Brooklyn Park yesterday.

The girls:

Practicing "The Bars":

Lu and I had to go down the slide a few times:

She wasn't terribly excited about it. Maybe if she was facing outward.

I want to read this book called, "My Name Is Iran," you know, if anyone wants to get it for me. Oh, uh, my new guilty pleasure is the show "Ugly Betty". It's about a girl who's supposed to be "ugly" working for a fashion magazine. She's not ugly though. The actress is America Ferrera, and she was in this awesome movie called "Real Women Have Curves". Anyway, Tania found the show, and now I'm hooked. We only watch shows online, and ABC has all their good shows up for the viewin'. (MOM: YOU CAN WATCH "LOST" WHEN YOU'RE AT THE VINEYARD!!!)

Anyway, I have a lot to do today. My house is a mess. I kind of beat a dead horse with the birthday thing and acted like it was a week-long celebration.

We're also going walking with a new friend. Yay!

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Keris said...

Hi there. Just found your blog by accident. I'm addicted to Ugly Betty too. Best wishes, Keris x