Friday, February 16, 2007

V-day, ice skating, and all that jazz

Tania's an ice skating graduate.

Which means that she can skate without touching the wall, although, not terribly far away from it.

Mama's not sayin' anything, though. Like, "Stop hugging the wall!" or "Use your arms to balance!" or "Falling down isn't gonna kill you!" Nope. Mama's not sayin' a thing.

Except, "Smile!"

So, we don't really dooooo Valentine's Day around these parts. Commercialism, consumerism, blah, blah, blah. But we had sort of a nice, weird bonding day anyway. I helped Joey with a project he had due that evening for Interior Design. It was really fun working together, and when he gets frantic, I get really calm. We sort of balance each other out. It made me think about how important collaboration can be. I have always thought that I worked better on my own, and in some cases I do, but something really special can happen when the right people come together for the right project.

Today, the 'rents are coming in from Hawaii. This means we will no longer have monster truck. I think we'd better start looking for a car of our own. Monster truck is a pain in the ass anyway. She's a bitch to park, and she requires too much gas. Strangers hate monster truck and its driver. Strangers on bicycles especially hate monster truck. I've never seen so many middle fingers.

We are getting ready for Tania's birthday party. It's tomorrow. I'm making a vegan chocolate cake, and a whole array of little sandwiches, vegan and fishian (tuna). I'm excited to swim tomorrow. Yeehaw.

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