Friday, August 18, 2006

Geography Lessons?

So I guess you could say that this was our geography lesson over the past two days. It took some time, but we finally finished our 500-piece map of the world puzzle. Tania is really good at puzzles. I like that it sort of tricks her into learning about the continents and oceans. She might forever have this picture in her mind and be able to sort out where things are. There are also picture of different animals at different parts of the map to show from which area the animals originate. Joey suggested that we pull out Tania's coin collection and place them on their corresponding continents, but Tania didn't feel like it. She has a really cool coin collection that my dad gave her. He collected coins from all over the world back in his Navy days in the 60s and 70s.

The Kailua Library gives away free magazines, old issues that they have extras of. We always grab the National Geographics. Some of them are from the 80s, some are more recent, but they're all pretty priceless. We were looking at one that had an article about flamingos. We learned that they put their heads upside-down on the shore to sip water in. They actually eat spirulina, which is algae in the water. There's this spirulina drink that I get all the time, and I had no idea that flamingos ate the stuff.

That's pretty much it for the day. Tania watched too much T.V., as usual. I hope she gets over it. She actually turned it off after a while and I started singing, "Glory, Glory, Hallelujah." She thought it was funny. She just bought a Pippi Longstocking book for $2.00 at Bookends today, but has yet to crack it open. I'm having a hard time with control today. She said she didn't want to read the book because she wants to do something new. So she went to play with her dolls. Oh.

I'm taking deep breaths.

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