Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Whoa...Talula's 2 months old already!

I can't believe it! She's two months old and weighs 14 pounds, 15 ounces. She's a serious chunker, all courtesy of my amazing boobs, thank you very much. Here's a picture of Talula sticking her tongue out. She's so adorable...

We've been trying to get out of the house everyday for Tania's sake. On Monday, we went to the zoo. We were looking at this animal encyclopedia that Tania has and it seemed like a good idea. Of course, in Hawaii all the kids are in school right now, so there were only little kids there. Tania said, "Mom, I need a friend." I felt so sad, but I think we'll be able to make more homeschooling friends when we get to Portland. It seems to be somewhat of a Mecca for homeschoolers.

On Tuesday, we went to go play at Tania's old school after everyone got out for the day. It was fun for her. She got to see a lot of her friends. We're going to go again today and tomorrow. But while we were there, I witnessed an afterschool leader totally verbally abusing his group of kids for about two hours straight. I have to talk to the principal about it, because it was absolutely ridiculous.

Yesterday, Wednesday, we went to the Children's Discovery Center. It's really cute there, but of course Tania just wants to run from place to place, not fully enjoying each station. It reminds me of Christmas, when kids open up a present and then throw it to the side and look for the next present. But what can you do?

So anyway, countdown to Portland: Two weeks. I'm getting excited.


Kulia said...


She was born, yesterday, right?

Mama Chaos said...

Too fast! My little A is 2.5 months and I cannot believe it. 17.5 lbs, such a piglet! LOL

K said...

so cute! i can't wait for our girls to meet!!