Monday, August 14, 2006

Here's What Mom Is Learning About

The Natural Pharmacy
edited by Alan R. Gaby, M.D.,
and the Healthnotes Medical Team

So I'm trying to learn about natural ways of healing, like using herbs and vitamin supplements. I got this book from the library, and it's really useful. I'm just starting to learn, so what do I know, but I would really recommend this book for someone who wants to learn about natural healing. It's designed to be a reference book and the layout is great. It's divided into three sections: Health Concerns, Nutritional Supplements, and Herbs. So if you have a specific health concern, say, a cold, you can look it up that way and see which remedies have be used, tested, or recommended. Or, if you have heard a lot of talk about a specific vitamin supplement or herb, you can look it up that way and see how it has been used. The book also has different diet and lifestyle changes that can be made to help heal certain ailments. It cites to specific studies that show how well or how poorly certain treatments worked, so it's not just telling you "do this" or "do that"; it tells you how the treatments have worked for others.

Now, I must slowly start building my aresenal.

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