Thursday, August 10, 2006

Talula's First Time in the Ocean

Yesterday was Talula's first time going in the ocean. If you're into slings and you like to go in the ocean or pool a lot, you have to get a water sling. I got mine here. It's made out of mesh, which is the same sort of material that basketball jerseys are made out of. I have used it in the shower several times, but this was the first time going into the ocean. Talula is so happy being snuggled up with me that although she was sleeping when we went into the water, she didn't even wake up when she got wet. The waves were sort of rough, so I couldn't go in very far. I basically went in about thigh-deep and then crouched down to get her wet.

Tania and Joey played in the ocean while I sort of hung out near the chore with Talula. They like to toss a tennis ball back and forth. It's crazy that time goes by so quickly --- I remember when Tania couldn't catch a tennis ball; now she's a pro. Joey also likes to throw Tania into the air. He wishes that there were someone big enough to throw him too, but since he's 6'6", he'll have to get over it. He hopes that there's a heaven, because in his heaven there will be some bigger than him to throw him in the water and to crack his back.

Talula did not like the beachpark showers. She screamed at the top of her lungs when I took her into them. I don't blame her. It was freezing.

We sat at a picnic table and had a beer before walking home. We just wanted to soak in Kailua, soak in Hawaii, before we leave. Joey leaves in 5 days. It's pretty sad, but we're excited too. Portland will be a new experience for us, and hopefully a good experience. I'm excited to be able to walk and catch the bus everywhere, and I'm excited to be able to afford an all-organic diet. There are some things in Hawaii that you just cannot afford. I'm also excited to not pay sales tax. My mom says that I should be excited to have 4 seasons. In Hawaii, we really only have two seasons --- warm and wet, and cool and wet.

Anyway, we stopped at Triangle Park on the way home where Tania played for a while. She was such a big girl. She rode her bike ahead of us and crossed a busy street all by herself. She just waited at the crosswalk, and then when both sides of traffic had stopped for her, we saw her run her bike across the street. I'm really proud of her that she can use her good sense to determine when it is safe to cross, and that she doesn't freeze up and get all scared when it's perfectly safe. Some of her friends would never be allowed to cross a street by themselves, but I think it's more important to teach your child how to do it than to make some blanket rule about at what age it is appropriate to learn.

Today, Tania has gone with her friend to Sea Life Park and to the beach in Waimanalo. She's a busy girl. I prefer to take her to do things that are free, but she has a friend who takes her to all these places that cost a million dollars, so I'm running with it. I just don't want her to need paid entertainment all the time.

I'll close this post with a totally unrelated topic. I want everyone to know that some states in the good old USA still permit corporal punishment in public schools. Most people I have talked to about this are shocked when I tell them this, but it's true. And it's not a thing where the law allows it, but it's not practiced. One Mississippi school board just passed a law allowing corporal punishment in its public schools. Check out this website to find out more information about corporal punishment in schools.

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