Thursday, August 24, 2006

Tania's a newsanchor now

Tania has been obsessed with being a newsanchor for the past couple of days. In this picture, she's a weather person (geologist?) and she's put the fan there to make it seem really windy. Normally, she sits at that little desk behind her and reads the headlines.

Today's headline: "Evil Mom on the Loose." I kid you not. She says that the evil mom makes her kids taste the spinach before they can have their Soy Dream ice cream.

She writes out her headlines before she begins the newscast. She wrote out a headline yesterday about our dog, who I swear is autistic. (She started getting weird after being vaccinated. Now she barks incessantly any time anyone comes to our house and she will not stop crapping on this one rug.) So Tania wanted to know what the word was that I called our dog. She said, "Mom, what do you call Pua? Sarcastic?" Hee hee.

So you see what we have here? Today's lesson on writing, reading, oral communication, acting, spelling...? I think so.

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Kulia said...

She is so sweet and funny! The added breeze is cracking me up, how creative is she??!