Saturday, August 26, 2006

She wants to be a Cheetah Girl

Tania had me put her hair up all pretty like this because one of the Cheetah Girls had her hair like this. We watched Cheetah Girls II last night on the Disney Channel. I swear, Tania is obsessed. I'm trying ever so hard to let her make her own T.V. decisions right now, but man oh man am I sick of it. In Oregon we won't buy a T.V., I keep telling myself.

And so it was sort of strange last night when I found myself watching a That's So Raven marathon and then the Cheetah Girls II movie. I could actually see what the fascination is. It's all about friendship and singing and dancing and being funny and silly. I just worry about Tania sitting and watching hours and hours and not living in real life.

Anyway...we also went to the park yesterday (Aikahi again), where I watched Tania get her heart broken by her best friend. We went to the park so that she could play with her friend, but the friend had one of her new friends there from her new school. Every time Tania would go over to play with them, they would run away somewhere else. She followed them around the playground like a little lost puppy. I wanted to cry. The friend's mom wanted to make her daughter play with Tania, but I'm not about that, so I decided that we would leave. Tania was in tears when we left.
I can't tell you what it's like to watch your baby get hurt like that. We saw the friend at Safeway later and she said she was sorry. Tania had sworn that she would never talk to her again, but she easily forgave her. Kids are so great like that. Later, when we were watching the Cheetah Girls, there was a scene where one of the best friends found a new friend and the other girl was hurt over it. Tania said, "Mom, that's how I felt today." It was really sad, but I'm really glad that she can talk to me. I kept a lot to myself when I was a kid.

I think Tania may be getting into photography. She has been taking my camera and taking pictures of Talula or her dolls or whatever. She has actually been successful getting Talula to smile for the camera. I'm not as successful. I haven't really showed her how to use the camera. She just sort of figured it out. I think she might be really good at photography because she's creative and focused. Anyway, she took this picture of Talula. Minus the flash effect, I think it's pretty good. I like the positioning. It's unique. Not that I'm a professional or anything.


Kulia said...

Wow. I sure relate to her experience but it must be SO hard when you see it happening to your own child!

And photography, what an awesome hobby/outlet for her creativitiy!

Candice said...

Maybe this is my payback for being such a mean kid. It hardly seems fair that the sins of the parents be visited upon the children though.