Friday, November 24, 2006

Black Friday

My parents flew back to Hawaii today.

Things they left here for us:

-Wine, including an 18-year-old bottle and a 16-year-old bottle
-Fresh fish
-Their truck
-Warm clothes
-A whole turkey
-New shoes for Joey

-A half wine barrel with soil for planting
-Lots of love

We relaxed all morning. Joey played his guitar. Talula really likes it. She smiles at him while he plays.

Talula napped for about four hours. Joey took Tania to the park to ride down the hill on her little sled. I met them later. We hung out at some friends' house where we shared some of our wine with them.

Here's a little video of Tania sliding down the hill...

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2625378 said...

Hi Honey! I enjoyed viewing the bottling video. I however could not see the others. Is it because they were long, and my little lap top doesn't have that many bytes? I loved your comments to about us. I really miss you guys. I look out at Tania's swing and get teary eyed. We went to the football game last night with Jimmy and Jayne. We won. It was a very exciting game, and I'm horse from all the cheering. This morning we went to a brunch with some of my golf buddies. I'm going to the beach later this afternoon when it cools off. It looks like it stopped raining there since Tania went to the park with her sled. I love you. Lots of kisses to the fam xo