Sunday, November 05, 2006

A rainy day at the children's museum

Well, it seems as though the rainy season has begun. And it's cold. It got down in the 20s for a few nights. I'm dreading the day we get our electricity bill. But it's still very pretty outside. The gray sky contrasted against the fall leaves is pretty incredible. I'll post pictures of that later.

On Friday, I attempted to hold a playdate at my house. Only two moms showed up, but it was fun. Their babies were born the same week Talula was born. It's cool to meet these little ones and their moms. I didn't know anyone else with a baby, really, when Tania was a baby.

On Saturday, we went to the Portland Children's Museum. It's near the zoo. I think I was trying to go there when we ended up at the Forestry Center. The Museum is really cool. There's one like it in Hawaii, but this one has more activities that the kids can do, so they're not just running from room to room. Tania made this little creation in the arts and crafts room. They have all kinds of materials to make inventions. Wood, foam, thing-a-ma-jigs, they even have a drill to make holes in things. All kids need is their imaginations and they can make something cool. They also had a clay room, where Tania made a snowman and a Christmas tree. They had a something like a NICU, which is kind of creepy, but Tania loves her some babies, so she spent a good hour taking care of the babies. The special exhibit was about life in Japan. They had a Japanese classroom and home that you could walk through. It felt sort of strange infiltrating a little girl's bedroom, but it was interesting.

Anyway, Talula calls, so I'm off.

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