Thursday, November 16, 2006

What a Beautiful Day!!!

The sky was blue today! And I saw the sun!


-Rain gear!!!...check!
-Go for walk...check!
-Call N...check!
-Call K...check!
-Clean kitchen...check!
-Organize Lu
-Organize linen
-Listen to Contracts

I guess I was feeling ambitious. Maybe it's because I woke up at 7:30...thanks Lu. And of course, once I was properly caffeinated, she decided it was naptime.

I ate pumpkin pie for breakfast.

It was a beautiful day! The sky was blue! We caught the bus out buy rain ponchos. The cheap homeless-guy ones. And I bought some fabric to make a no-sew wrap.

It's not the most exciting fabric, but it was $2 per yard, and it's that soft, stretchy cotton-synthetic blend that I love. It's sort of a tester for wraps to come. My next one will be fleece. I didn't want to spend $7 per yard and find out it wouldn't work.

Joey is done with school for the week. When he came home, we had coffee and did a crossword puzzle.

We took a walk to this store that we like to buy beer at. The lady is really cute and always really excited about her new beer selections. One of the beers we got is delish. It's called Big Daddy IPA, by Speakeasy, SF. But the other beer made Joey livid. It's an Anchor brand "winter ale," and the fine print says it is brewed with "spices." It tastes like goddamn cinnamon-nutmeg beer. Joey is boycotting Anchor now, and I think we may write them a letter. This is the second new beer we've had of theirs that sucks. And they shouldn't be so sneaky with their labeling.


Guess who's sitting up?

Well...sort of...

By the way, I made a pretty amazing dinner: Soba noodles with a tofu, asparagus, and zucchini stir-fry in a sesame-tamari sauce, and an iceberg lettuce and radish salad with creamy sesame-tamari-furikake dressing. Mmm...

Oh! Have you all seen this in the news? A woman was kicked off an airplane for breastfeeding!!! You know what's even more disturbing? The dummmb comments on the news article. Some people say the lady should have put a blanket over the baby's head. I think that the Puritanical weirdos that are afraid of boobs should have the burden of averting their stupid eyes. Plus, didn't Jesus say something about...if your eye offends you, poke it that if you have a problem with a baby eating the best sort of food available. I can't even go on about all of the stuuuuupid comments. Go read them. (Well, I can't whip out my penis in public...Boobs are sexual...The baby was too old to be breastfeeding...Airplanes aren't the place to be asserting your rights...The mother is selfish for thinking she has a right to breastfeed that trumps my right not to see her boobs...and on and on...)

I'm all worked up now. I hate stupid people. And you know what I hate more than stupid people? Nothing.


Mama Chaos said...

Mmmm, your dinner sounds divine.

I need to search the thrift shops for sweaters to make wool diaper covers and some baby legs.

K said...

eeeeeeeee! sitting up!!! :D Lovely wrap :D see you tomorrow!

Kulia said...

Oh I saw that...and as the mother of a 22 month old I know that a blanket would NOT FLY (ironic) with her. And anyway...why not put the blanket over the heads of people who are eating with their mouths open, staring at the sliver of boob showing smaller than most tank tops show, etc.