Tuesday, November 21, 2006

So I guess I'm a "lactivist"

We woke up early (for us) this morning and rushed to catch the Max out to the airport for the nurse-in at the Delta ticket counter. Nurse-ins took place at airports throughout the country. We wanted to show our support for Emily Gillette, who was kicked off of a Delta flight (Freedom Airlines) for breastfeeding her child. Story here.

It was a success! About 40 mothers showed up, and we had 4 news stations, public radio, and Associated Press there. It was a great experience, very peaceful. Many people who walked by clapped or cheered or said words of support. You can find news stories here and here. On the channel 6 one, you can click on the video and see the news story. I see my head in there somewhere, but honestly, I was pretty anonymous.

Here are some photos:

My parents drove up from the vineyard this afternoon. They picked up Tania and went to Vancouver to bottle some wine. Yay! I'll get some bootleg wine in a couple of days. I think Joey and I might go to help them bottle tomorrow. My parents brought us some of their own wine...and it's gone. They brought us a barbecue, a sled, and a half wine barrel to use as a planter.

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